ALM integration

Guide to integrate your ALM into Merkl

If you want your Automated Liquidity Management (ALM) protocol to be integrated into the Merkl system, please fill out this form.

Benefits of Integration

  • Increased Participation: Attract more liquidity providers by offering additional rewards through the Merkl system.

  • Enhanced Visibility: Gain exposure to a broader audience of DeFi users who are actively looking for rewarding opportunities.

  • Seamless Integration: Our integration process is straightforward and designed to minimize disruption, allowing you to quickly benefit from the Merkl ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive Support: Receive dedicated support from the Merkl team to ensure a smooth and successful integration.

How It Works

  1. Submit the Form: Provide the necessary details about your ALM and your specific integration requirements.

  2. Review and Approval: Our team will review your submission and get in touch with you to discuss the integration process in detail.

  3. Technical Integration: Work with our technical team to integrate your ALM into the Merkl system. The Merkl Engine will be configured to track all your liquidity positions as well as the distribution of your Liquidity Providers within your vault to ensure accurate reward forwarding.

  4. Launch: Once integrated, your ALM will be live on the Merkl platform, and your users can start immediately receive rewards through forwading the rewards to the user who have deposited liquidty in a vault that is providing liquidity on an incentivized concentrated liquidity. Additionally, you can boost the rewards for your vault by creating a Concentrated Liquidity Campaign (CLAMM). This can be done by selecting your ALM as the enabled rewards forwarders. This action will whitelist your address, ensuring that only your vault is incentivized and that only the users from your ALM will receive the rewards. For example, in the screenshot below, only users with positions in the Charm ALM Vault, which holds positions in the Uniswap V3 USDC - osETH liquidity pool, will be eligible for rewards.

Integrating with Merkl not only enhances your ALM's capabilities but also provides your Liquidity Providers with additional incentives to participate in your liquidity management.

If you have any question, reach out to us by opening a BD ticket on Merkl's discord.

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