Token Snapshot

Token Snapshot campaigns allow protocols to take a snapshot of token balances at a specific block. This snapshot can then be used to identify and verify the token holdings of users at that particular moment, which is crucial for fair and accurate distribution of rewards.

Merkl's Token Snapshot functionality is a powerful tool to capture and utilize token balances at specific points in time. This feature enables a variety of applications, including boosted staking rewards, rewards for governance participation, airdrops distribution, and more.

Key Features

  • Accurate Balance Capture: Capture the precise balance of ERC20 tokens held by users at a specific block.

  • Flexible Applications: Utilize snapshots for airdrops based on a points system, staking rewards, or other incentivization strategies.

  • Efficient and Cost-Effective: Conduct snapshot-based operations without the need for continuous tracking and updates.

For Incentive Providers

  • Learn How to Configure a Token Snapshot Campaign: Are you a protocol, DAO or user looking to incentivize holders for maintaining an ERC20 token balance at a specific time? Go check this page to learn how to create your campaign.

  • Start a Token Snapshot Campaign: Ready to start a Token Snapshot campaign? Access the campaign creator mode by clicking on this link.

Don't forget to whitelist the token you'll be using as a reward by filling out this form.

For users

  • Check Your Rewards: Check the user dashboard to see if you're one of the recipients of a token snapshot.

  • Learn More About Liquidity Incentive Rewards: Want to learn more about how to benefit from Merkl's liquidity incentive rewards? Check this page to get started.

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