Token Balance

What is Token Balance?

Token Balance allows protocols to reward users for holding specific tokens over a defined period. Since tokens, Constant Product LP tokens, and tokens from lending and borrowing protocols are all ERC20, protocols wishing to incentivize any ERC20 tokens can utilize Merkl's Token Balance campaigns to achieve their goals.

Key Features

  • User Stickyness: Encourage users to hold a ERC20 tokens for longer periods by offering rewards.

  • Automated Detection: Merkl automatically detects and verifies token balances, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

  • Flexible Reward Distribution: Configure reward distribution parameters to align with your protocol’s goals.

  • Staking contract support: Configure you campaign to not only reward users who directly hold the token but also the ones who staked them in another contract.

For Incentive Providers

  • Learn How to Configure a Token Balance Campaign: Are you a protocol or user looking to incentivize holders for maintaining an ERC20 token balance over a specific period? Go check this page to learn how to create your campaign.

  • Start a Token Balance Campaign: Ready to start a Token Balance campaign? Access the campaign creator mode by clicking on this link.

Don't forget to whitelist the token you'll be using as a reward by filling out this form.

For users

  • Check Your Rewards: Check the user dashboard to see if you're one of the recipients of the rewards gradually earned over the specified period.

  • Learn More About Liquidity Incentive Rewards: Want to learn more about how to benefit from Merkl's liquidity incentive rewards? Check this page to get started.

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