Core Features

Core features of Merkl for users and incentive providers

Merkl offers a variety of incentivization methods (also known as campaign types), but they all share the following set of core features:

For Users

  • Opportunities: Easily find the opportunities with the highest APRs using the Merkl frontend.

  • No staking needed: Merkl will automatically detect your liquidity, so there's no need to waste gas fees to stake tokens.

  • Dashboard: View all your active positions and rewards on a single page.

  • Multi-campaign participation: Participate in multiple campaigns that incentivize the same asset, such as the same liquidity pool. This allows you to be eligible for rewards from various incentive providers, maximizing your earning potential.

  • Multi-token claiming: Claim all your hard-earned tokens with a single transaction and save on gas fees.

For Incentive Providers

  • Linear Token Distribution: Distribute your tokens linearly between specified dates.

  • Cross-Chain Incentives: Incentivize an asset on a chain and distribute rewards on another one.

  • Reward Boosts: Increase rewards for users holding specific ERC20 tokens in their wallets.

  • Advanced User tracking: Reward users who indirectly provide liquidity to your asset (such as users providing liquidity to concentarted liquidity pools through ALMs).

  • Detailed Analytics: Access detailed analytics on reward distribution to see who has been rewarded and when they claimed their rewards.

  • Public API: integrate all Merkl related data (APRs, user rewards, claiming data, etc.) in your own app.

  • APR and TVL Calculation: APRs are generated automatically by the Merkl engine, with nothing required from you.

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