Other Ways to Earn on Merkl

Earn Actively using Merkl

By providing liquidity in incentivized Constant Product Liquidity Pools (such as on UniSwapV2), or by lending or borrowing in protocols that suits you best and offers incentives, you can earn competitive boosted APRs. It's as simple as that!

  1. Click on the opportunity that suits you best.

  2. Connect your wallet.

  3. Start depositing your liquidity, lending the incentivized lending asset, or borrowing the incentivized borrowing asset.

Please be careful to ensure you add liquidity to the correct incentivized pool or lend/borrow the correct incentivized asset. Always check the user dashboard to make sure your liquidity is being detected.

Earn Passively using Merkl

For the airdrop, token balance, and token snapshot campaigns, simply check the user dashboard to see if you're one of the recipients of rewards from a Merkl Incentive Provider (IP).

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